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Top 5 most popular beaches in India

Image courtesy: ©KishoreJ/Shutterstock

With an extremely long coastline along three water bodies around it, India offers multiple beach destinations for a holiday. Here are the top five of them one should not miss.


One of the most sought after beaches by tourists, this place consists of two semi-circular beaches in seclusion. Besides sunbathing and surfing, one can take sunrise and sunset cruises arranged by the local fishermen in their boats. Accommodation to suit every budget, ayurvedic massages and sea side restaurants are some plus points of this Kerala beach.

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Image courtesy: ©Dan Baciu/Shutterstock

Surrounded by lofty headlands, Palolem in Goa is an idyllic shore. The absence of water sports makes it a paradise for the sunbathing enthusiasts. Accommodations and restaurants at the shore offer a variety of options to suit every budget.


A long coastline and pristine clear waters make this beach ideal for a romantic escape. Home to female turtles which can be seen hatching and protecting its eggs, Tarkarli also has facilities for adventure water sports. Malvani cuisine is a definite plus along the Konkan coast.


Image courtesy: ©John Seaton Callahan/Getty Images

Looking for a perfect beach vacation? Popular since the time of Portuguese rulers, Daman with its tranquil waters, pristine beaches and swaying coconut palms is the answer. Swimming, sunbathing, beach-combing, pony rides and delicious food await you. Exhilarating sunrise and sunset cruises are arranged by the local fishermen.


Image courtesy: ©Peetam Bose/Lonely Planet

A place offering pristine white beaches and serene surroundings, Gokarna offers yoga, meditation, bonfires, singing, and guitars on its plate. One of the five beaches of Gokarna – Om Beach – has plenty of stay options, from hammocks to individual cottages.