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Pretty little Sattal

Sattal lake.
Photographer: Mohammad Yunus

Oh joy! August, a month filled with long weekends has finally arrived and since it’s our duty to hand-pick the best places to enjoy these holidays, we will start with Sattal, the perfect refuge from Delhi’s chaos.

Scenic long walks where you don’t meet a soul. Deer grazing in the woods as your boat gently splashes past. Hills to climb up, rock faces to clamber down. Sattal brings you nature’s bounty with inimitable generosity.

Getting there: Just 306km from Delhi you could opt to drive down or take the Anand Vihar-Kathgodam Shatabdi (12040) that leaves daily (except Thur) at 6.15am and reaches at 11.50am.

Once there, here is what Sattal has to offer:

Cross the placid green lake to get to the Getaway Jungle Camp.
Photographer: Raoul Andrews
The relaxing boat ride is followed some serious huffing, puffing as you trek up for nearly a kilometre to reach the camp.
Photographer: Raoul Andrews
Here's what's in store for you at Getaway Jungle Camp: no electricity, shared bathrooms, decent food, bonfires, and a host of organised activities like rappelling, rock climbing, kayaking and trekking. The perfect antidote to the city.
Photographer: Raoul Andrews
Sattal Lake, with its relatively calm waters, is the best place for kayaking.
Photographer: Getaway Jungle Camp
An early morning birding walk is an exceptionally lovely way to explore Sattal. Emerald trails filled with oriental white eye (shown in pic), magpies, flycatchers, kingfishers and more, open out before you.
Photographer: Getaway Jungle Camp