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Writing Your Escape Diary: Tips & Updates

Hello Travellers!  At first, we would like to thank you for a fantastic response to the ongoing ‘Escape Express’ contest. We are thrilled to see some of your Escape Diaries and we’re waiting for many more to come.

We’ve also received some feedback and queries from our participants who are giving it their best shot to write that ‘Perfect Escape Diary. Here are some tips & updates which would be helpful for you :)

1. What is Escape Diary?
Escape diary is a summary of your travel experience to any Escape Destination in India. It can be in the form of words + pictures or a video post.

2. Does it have to be around the destinations I chose in Phase 1 of the contest?
No, your diary can be about any destinations in India.

3. Is there any limit to the number of words/pictures?

Looking at response from escape express travellers, we believe that there should be no word-limitations when it comes up to capturing your travel experience. You can submit up to 10 pictures.

4. What about the Video?
You can submit YouTube video links and these videos can be upto 2̶ 10 minutes long. You can submit upto 3 links.

5. Can I submit multiple diaries?
We’re accepting only one diary from one profile.

6. What if my diary is rejected?
You will receive an email with the reasons for rejection.

7. Can I write an Escape diary on multiple destinations?
Yes you can, as long as they are connected and part of one escape experience.

6. How can I ask my friends to rate/vote for my diary?
Your diary has a Facebook/Twitter/Google+ share button. Click on that to share your diary with your friends and earn ratings.

8. How do you pick the winner?
The winners of the Mega Prize will be chosen based on a combination of judges decision and public votes. The judges’ decision and public vote will each be given a 50% weighting to determine the finalists, but the final decision to select the three winners will rest with the judges

9. Can I write a diary on an Escape to International Destination?
Unfortunately, no :( Our Short Escapes Travel Guides are meant for escape destinations within India. While we do appreciate your entries, our contest is only for escape diaries for destinations in India.