Travel to another world

Experienced, multilingual Temple Adventures offers fun dives to both qualified divers and beginners.
Image courtesy: Jyothy Karat

This is a promise to experience another world – a world of inexplicable colours, life and feeling. Though you might have to go via Pondicherry! Scuba and water sports enthusiasts can now explore amazing marine life and a world below the sea with Temple Adventures at the sunny French town. It’s been six years since the team at Temple Adventures started unearthing the wonders off the East Coast. Amazing reef and marine life only encouraged them to discover more spots and map it judiciously.  World-class operations, experienced instructors and the perfect scuba ambiance off the coast of Pondicherry have now made them the perfect choice for divers across the world.

A Gorgonian aka fan coral, found at the dive site called 'Caves', 12 km off the coast of Pondicherry.
Image courtesy: Jyothy Karat

With ocean temperatures hovering between 26–30°C, pack your shorty and get ready to make friends with a range of warm water fish. Encounters with barracudas, batfish, moreys, snakes, torpedo rays, triggerfish, groupers, nudibranchs, angelsfish, butterfly fish, banner fish, snappers, jacks and the likes are not uncommon. If you’re lucky, you may be part of the boat that spots a whale shark, manta or eagle ray, dogfish, turtles, groups of dolphin, or even something new that hasn’t been seen yet. But before this, there is a short and intensive programme for beginners. You will have to sit through a class and sessions in a swimming pool, before you can venture into dive sites like 4 Corners, Grouper’s Gorge, Shy Shark Reef and others.

Best Time to Dive with Temple Adventures: Though the outfit is open 12 months a year, but the best time to dive this coast is during the calmer months of January to June, when visibility is at its best (Up to 40m) and currents are low. August to November is the second slot you can choose.

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