Snapshots from the Hornbill Festival, Nagaland

Hornbill Festival, Nagaland.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti/

Nagaland’s biggest event, the seven-day Hornbill Festival is a jubilant celebration of the state’s tribal culture. Held in the Kisama Tourist Village near Kohima, the festival sees all the resident Naga tribes assemble in one arena and put up flamboyant shows of their ethnic heritage, including music, a variety of dances and choreographed battle performances. Don’t miss the rock music festival that is also held in sync with the gala, featuring some of the best contemporary bands from Northeast India.

Here are some fantastic captures from the festival held in December 2013.


Fierce Naga warriors descend on Kisama Heritage Village near Kohima for the splendid Hornbill Festival every December.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti
The week-long jamboree features cultural performances, war dances, enactments of tribal festivals and more.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti
Of all the festivals in the northeast, this is the most spectacular and photogenic.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti
Spectators watch the participants take centrestage in their ethnic splendour.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti
The venue has a representative selection of traditional Naga houses and morungs (bachelor dormitories) with full-size log drums.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti
They also prepare their traditional delicacies here.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti
Bead necklaces are excellent souvenirs to pick up in Nagaland. As with other products, each Naga tribe has its own colours and designs – those with a trained eye can actually tell the tribal provenance of each piece of jewellery.
Photographer: Mimi Chakrabarti

PHOTOGRAPHER'S BIO: The photographer Mimi Chakrabarti is an avid traveller and yoga practitioner. A mother of two young adults, she home schooled her children through a travel-and-learn program. Mimi is co-founder of SoulPurpose, a new venture that takes women on adventure travel.

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    • Suchet Bal

      March 12, 2014, 4:57:20 pm

    • Been there, done that. Dec 2013 all 10 days at Hornbill. : ) my 4th Hornbill.

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