Top 5 places to eat in Bangalore

The warm decor of Like That Only.
Image courtesy: Like That Only

The cultural amalgam of Bangalore is reflected in its variety of delicious food that the city offers. A vast choice of high-end speciality restaurants, friendly cafes and nostalgic outlets make the gastronomic journey through Bangalore truly delightful.

In this excerpt from Lonely Planet’s India’s Best Escapes South India we recommend the best places to eat in Bangalore.

1) Like That Only: Making a trip all the way to Whitefield is worth your while for a slice of this self proclaimed, ‘irreverent’ restaurant, dishing out creative continental concoctions. You will not be disappointed with anything you pick at this warmly lit, partially open-air place.
Ph 080 65475610;; 14/31A Hagadur Rd, Whitefield

2) Koshy’s: Get consumed by the intellectual buzz at this hang-out for authors, artistes and actors (Jawaharlal Nehru and the Queen of England have also eaten here). Uniformed waiters flit around busily with steel trays, balancing favourites like appam and stew, mutton cutlets, potato smileys, tea, baked beans, and caramel custard.
Ph 080 22213793; No. 39, St. Marks Rd

3) Corner House: A landmark dessert haunt, Corner House has been dishing out delicious ice cream combos for the last 25 years. The popularity of favourites like ‘Death by Chocolate’, seasonal fruit and ice cream combos and the classic hot chocolate fudge prompted the chain to open 15 outlets in Bangalore and around. The ice cream combos are a bit expensive but the size of their serving will fill your tummy for sure.
Ph 080 25583262;; 45/3 Gopalkrishna Complex near Mayo Hall, Residency Rd

The scrumptious MoBar Burger.
Image courtesy: Monkey Bar/Sanjay Ramchandran

4) Monkey Bar: The ‘tongue in cheek’ and easy vibe of Monkey Bar immediately knocks one into a good mood! A vintage Lambretta scooter, quirky posters and an equally fun menu makes this a favourite. Given the bar’s young ambience, it is no surprise that dishes like Butterfly Chicken Gangnam Style have found their way into the menu.
Ph 080 41116878;; 14/1 Krishna Manere, Wood St, Ashok Nagar

5) Peppa Zzing: Peppa Zzing has definitely notched up the game of burgers with their Whammy and Monster options – the biggest burgers of Bangalore! A ridiculously big, super thick and juicy burger with 700gm of meat is a great challenge – if you are up for it.
Ph 080 41232843; G-18, Kedia Arcade, 92 Infantry Rd