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Israel Tourist board to open office in India

Israeli flag hangs outside of Great Synagogue
Image courtesy: Lonely Planet Images

Responding to the increasing number of Indians visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories, the Israel Tourist Board has decided to open its first office in India. Officials from the Indian government have been collaborating with experts in Israel and the Palestinian Territories through special delegation trips between the two countries. “The tourism potential of this market has not yet been realized and therefore the Tourism Ministry is working to expand its contacts with the relevant authorities and the tourism industry in India,” said Stas Misezhnikov, Tourism Minister of Israel. “India is a fast-growing market that has shown impressive growth in incoming tourism to Israel. Over the last two years, the numbers of tourists visiting Israel and the Palestinian Territories from India has doubled, with about 40,000 visitors a year,” Misezhnikov added.

The officials will continue to discuss improvements in transportation, accommodations and Israel and the Palestinian Territories tour packages for Indian travellers. By adding additional flights and advertising special hotel rates, tourism officials in Israel and the Palestinian Territories hope to further attract Indians to visit the country.