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Barcelona – Gaudi & More

Park Guell.
Image courtesy: Nitin Gairola

When you say Barcelona, you think Gaudi and of course bright gaudy colours (pardon the pun). Antoni Gaudi was a famous architect of the late 19th and early 20th century who has defined the look of Spain’s most popular city. Each and every building in Barcelona is a work of art, right from La Sagrada Familia, Casa Mila to Park Guell and many more. Besides Gaudi’s stunning omni-present architecture, Barcelona is famous for its vibrant street life (La Rambla for example) and being on the Mediterranean coast, the city boasts of some of the best beaches in the world. In fact, Barcelona was declared the Number 1 beach city in the world by National Geographic. Here are a few must-do’s in the city.

The Sagrada Familia.
Image courtesy: Nitin Gairola

Must do’s – Gaudi’s works:

  • Sagrada Familia: Also known as Sacred Family, this Roman catholic church is Gaudi’s most recognizable work of art. Get blown away by the intricate artwork done by the master in the ‘Nativity’ facade.
  • Casa Mila: One of the most imaginative buildings in the history of architecture.  Undulating stone and forged iron balconies have turned a beast into something astoundingly beautiful.
Casa Batllo.
Image courtesy: Nitin Gairola
  • Casa Batllo: A building re-designed and turned into a UNESCO world heritage site.
  • Park Guell: A huge garden complex with colourful and very creative buildings, music shows events and so much more. A perfect way to appreciate the works of a legend.
A beach in Barcelona.
Image courtesy: Nitin Gairola

Must do’s – beyond Gaudi:

  • Beaches: The city is home to stunning beaches such as Barceloneta, Mar Bella, Bogatell and many more.
  • La Rambla: This is the busiest and liveliest street in the city, with artistes, performers, restaurants, cafes and many more attractions.
  • Don’t forget to visit the museums, experience the nightlife and sample the Spanish cuisine.
Barcelona at night.
Image courtesy: Nitin Gairola

Flights and Hotels

Typically all European carriers would take you to Barcelona from either Delhi or Mumbai, generally with one short stopover.  Fares start from around Rs 45,000–50,000 per person return tickets.

You will be spoilt for choice so far as the hotels go but make sure you stay in the city center and near all the major attractions to get the best flavour of any city.

Visa and Currency

A Schengen visa is required Spain. This single visa gives you access to 26 European member nations. It can be obtained from VFS which will submit your application to the Spanish Embassy. The cost of the visa is 60 Euros per person. The visa fee is only 35 Euros for children between 6–12 years and is free for those below 6.

Euro is the principal currency of the European Union nations.


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