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A perfect plan: 5 interesting ways to enjoy your honeymoon

Even though it peaks at 5600m above the sea, Spiti has a lot to offer
Image courtesy: Flickr/beagle17/beagle17

Skip the stuff everyone does and head to these destinations for a taste of the unusual. Besides, your choice of destination might make for a stunning backdrop for a trailing photographer. With our list of where to go on your honeymoon, you’ll love getting your travel boots dirty with your better half.

Spiti’s (not so) snug embrace

Trekkers and mountain addicts will love to celebrate the beginning of a marriage at the Parangla Pass of Spiti. Peaking at 5600m above the sea, the highlight of the trek includes high Himalayan passes, the Tsomoriri Lake, the arduous cold dessert of Spiti valley, rare Himalayan wildlife and interaction with tribals. This is one trip that will definitely work its magic (

Surf it up in Pondicherry

Combine the sunny beaches of Pondicherry with the historical Tranquebar for a wholesome experience. Spend atleast two weeks under the master instructors, Juan and Samai Reboul (, who will have you surfboarding in no time. The village of Tandriyankuppam, adjacent to the east coast road is home to Kallialay Surf where adventure junkies converge to learn the ropes of surfing. Then head south to Tranquebar, 114km from Pondicherry, to take in the colonial ambience of the lost city.

Escape to Orchha

With a promise of a captivating honeymoon, the legendary stone legacy of Orchha is an inviting option between October and March. The 16th century city lies at the edge of the Betwa River and offers stunning views of cenotaphs, palaces, temples and towering spires. The Jehangir Mahal, Laxminarayan Temple, Raj Mahal and other monuments stand tall against the weathered browns of the city and make for a breathtaking view. If you have time at hand, extend the honeymoon and head to the Raneh waterfalls that lie 230km south of Orchha.


The aqua marine waters of Netrani hold quite a few wonders

Ocean adventures in Netrani

Soak your fins in the aqua marine waters, off the coast of Murudeshwar, at the Netrani Island at the northern edge of Karnataka. This is one of the most veritable scuba enclaves of India. Leave the fishermen dotted shores of Murudeshwar and head 20km into the sea for an introduction with the wonders below ( Nothing like seeing the otherworldly creatures together on your honeymoon and laying in the sprawling beaches later to soak in the experience. The best season to take a dip in these waters is all but the monsoon months.

Escape to Nagaland

If faraway lands tug at the romantic in you, visit the heart of tribal land in the northeastern state of Nagaland. Start your journey at the Mopungchuket Village of the Ao tribe, home to the legendary lovers Jina and Etiben. Star the journey by following the trail to Tuophema, Aizuto, Kohima and end the trip with vast green fields and warm hospitality of large kitchen fires and unlimited tea the village of Khonoma (

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