Five reasons why road trips are the best

There are some travels where the roads decide the course
Image courtesy: Lonely Planet/Mark Read

Great journeys are not planned, they are made. If you claim to be a traveller, you have to be a lover of the quiet trails and the footpaths, and really taste the travel, live the journey, and seek the new beyond. Imagine reading a book and not reading the footnotes.

There are some travels where the roads decide the course, and the surprise that lies at the bend is a smorgasbord of culture, romance, epicurean delights and street food staples, and much more if you’re willing to look. And, so, with some roads, begin some of the most epic journeys. Here’s a look at all the things that make a road trip worth taking.

The best views are closer than you think

Spontaneity, flexibility and affordability, are only some of the things that road trips offer. Think of it this way: there’s nothing to do on the weekend; you’re tired of visiting the malls but hate spending a good weekend at home; and the fact that your friend is spending his time lapping up the sun in Bali doesn’t do help either. That is until your car keys call out to you. A hop and a skip will afford you some of the best views of the country that you’d miss otherwise.

A perfect time to bond with family and friends

Road trips are the best time to bond with family, and friends, and there’s plenty that can be done. Moving away from a steady Internet connection means long conversations find a place to happen; songs that stir up nostalgia get a chance to be heard; embarrassing and funny old stories that you thought were buried deep get to relive (and admit it, you, kind of, like it); and more importantly, you get a chance to create new memories.


Road trips mean that, for once, we aren't in a hurry
Image courtesy: Lonely Planet/Mark Read

Wardrobe no bar

Road trips give you the feeling that you are in control, which also means that you can practically wear anything you like – those torn jeans mom wants thrown out; that favourite band t-shirt that has been living this long in your bottom shelf; or a pair of flip-flops or monkey slippers that, for obvious reasons, you can’t wear to work. You can almost hear your toes breathing, can’t you?

The best plan is no plan at all

And where else can you get away with it than on a road trip. Unplanned stay overs, another hour beyond lunch, a minute extra, and no alarm clocks – it can’t get sweeter than this.

The reward lies at the end of the road

If you’re at the end of the road then it means you are, more or less, at the end of your journey. Do you feel a sense of accomplishment; a sense of having finally connected with yourself, your loved ones, probably even with nature? Congratulations! You are now experiencing the highs of a trip well completed. Your reward – the journey you’ve just made. And there’s no other feeling than a feeling that’s as great as this.

Travel can be quite addictive, and a road trip is one thing that confirms the theory.

With inputs from Deepti Singh Gupta.

The article was first published in March, 2015, and has been updated since.