Best burgers in Delhi and where to get them

How quickly are you able to decide what burger to order?
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You’ve reached the restaurant, gone through the menu and decided to go for a burger. Perfect. But do you know which one to order? We’ll make that task simpler for you. When it comes to burgers, Delhi will spoil you for choice. But if you are one of those who gets confused about where to head and what to order, take a look at this list (in no particular order). Happy drooling!

Hard Rock Café

The Legendary 10oz burger here is older than the outlet. Famous across the world the burger is nearly four decades old. As Hard Rock claims, “This isn’t just a burger. It’s a legend. And it’s been for nearly four delicious decades.” It is loaded with smoked bacon strips dripping with two slices of Cheddar cheese, onion rings, tomatoes and pickles. It’s sinful from the first bite.

Other burgers to try: Jerk Chicken Burger, Fish O’ Fillet and Legendary Chicken Burger


The famous Juicy Lucy burger at Café Delhi Heights
Image courtesy: Café Delhi Heights

Café Delhi Heights

It’s big, bad and mean. There is no way you can leave this restaurant without trying the massive (and now legendary) Juicy Lucy burger. The lamb mince, seasoned with spices is served in a huge sesame bun with melting cheese. It is so massive that they place a knife in the middle. They are so proud this creation that in each restaurant they have a board mentioning the number of burgers they have sold so far. We’d suggest that you stop eating the French fries and dig straight into this burger.

Other burgers to try: Open Chicken and Delhi Burger

Jonny Rockets

This American chain is proud of its burgers and what most people love is The Houston, a spicy tenderloin burger that comes with jalapenos, jack cheese, spicy sauce, tomatoes and iceburg lettuce sandwiched between two lovely buns. It’s as good as it sounds. Order the divinely rich Hershey’s Chocolate shake along with it.

Other burgers to try: 12 and The Original

The famed MoBar Burger at Monkey Bar
Image courtesy: Monkey Bar

Monkey Bar

After being a rage in Bangalore, Monkey Bar opened in Delhi and soon became famous for having one of the best burgers in town. People would go just to try the MoBar Burger and why wouldn’t they? The juicy tenderloin is slathered with in-house mayonnaise, and sandwiched with fresh iceberg lettuce, slice grilled onions, tomatoes, dripping with cheddar cheese and bacon. It’s as sinful as it sounds. Wash it down with a glass of their popular Mangaa cocktail.

Other burgers to try: Gastro and Chicken Katsu Burger

Fork You Too

If Fork You lets you create your own burger, Fork You Too spoils you for choice with the widest range possible in the city. They have more than 25 burgers that dominate the menu. Classics would be Forked You Tenderloin Cheese Burger, The Great American BBQ Bacon and the Lamb Burger. If you want to try something whacky and offbeat, then go for the fusion burgers like the Ramen Burger where the patty is sandwiched along with ramen noodles, or the Chicken Chettinad burger. And if you are super hungry go for the monstrous Man vs. Food burger. If you finish it within 5 minutes it’s on the house.

Other burgers to try: Pulled Pork, Pulled Peri Peri Chicken and Mutton Galouti

Slide burgers at Smokey’s BBQ & Grill
Image courtesy: Smokey’s BBQ & Grill

Smokey’s BBQ & Grill

With more than 10 burgers on the menu, the choice can get a bit confusing, but trust Smokey’s to come up with a solution for that – a platter of 4 burger sliders that contains the best options – Chunky Chicken, Bacon and Lamb, Pulled Tenderloin and Chunky Tenderloin. The Bacon and Lamb burger is iconic. If you don’t go for the sliders try Smoked Lamb burger with buttered onions and chilli. All burgers come with an assortment of six homemade sauces. Don’t leave without trying their signature smoked cocktails particularly the Lock, Stock & a Smokin’ Barrel (smoked pineapple, cardamom, vanilla pod with vodka).

Other burgers to try: Six Chillies Chicken Burger and Tenderloin Burger with Bacon


There aren’t too many American diners in the city and Chili’s does us proud by offering a range of dishes. When it comes to burgers, the choice is limited but tough. It isn’t going to be easy to choose between the massive Bacon burger, a BBQ Ranch burger, the newly introduced Guacamole burger but if get confused just go for the good old classic Oldtimer. They are so good that you’ll come back for seconds.

Other burgers to try: Cajun Chicken and Big Mouth Bites

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