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A bench here, a bench there…

Stanz, a little quaint village in Tyrol is also Austria’s top producer of high-quality Schnapps

You know a country knows it is beautiful when you see pretty little benches at every little corner. At any moment that you encounter a pretty sight and you want to sit down to gaze at it, look no further than right behind you. There will be a bench, perfect for the surroundings and for that moment.

It didn’t start as a conscious documentation of all such instances but ended up being a series of a few of those numerous lovely benches strewn all over Austria.

You will see how no two benches are alike and how each is more sittable than the next.

For me, rushing past places-to-see or ticking off things-to-do don’t make for good travel stories. What makes travel memorable are how far we went, who we went with, what we talked about and where we parked our tired bums to look out and seal that memory. Mostly it has been the grass, or the footpath along the road or a restaurant with not so good food. Austria managed to change that.


At one of the numerous stop and look points on the picturesque Gerlos Alpine Road
Hafelekar is the top most station of Nordkette Cable Car which takes one from the base (Innsbruck) to the top of the mountain in a matter of minutes. Offers sweeping views of the valley and town
Gosau is a small lake backed by in Dachstein mountain range in the Salzkammergut district
The lake has a walking path all along its periphery allowing one different spots to stop and reflect, literally
A town on the banks of Danube and in the lovely wine valley of Wachau
Krimml Waterfalls are the highest in Austria. The tiered waterfall plunges downward in three stages offering vantage view points for travellers to really go close to the waterfall
A 90-minute trek up from Schlegeis Lake will take you to Olperer mountain hut, surrounded by the breathtaking scenery of the Olperer Glacier
Schlegeis, located in the Zillertal valley, is an artificial lake underneath the famous Olperer mountain hut
This bench sits in front of the Hohensalzburg castle, perched atop a small hill in the city of Salzburg. It is one of the largest medieval castles in Europe
A wooden pathway built through a gorge, in Seisenbergklamm, sometimes narrow enough that it becomes pitch dark and at times so wide that you get overwhelemed
The MQ or Museumsquartier in Vienna is a super interesting setting offering a range of art installations and art museums housed in baroque buildings as well as modern ones

All images: Sriparna Ghosh

AUTHOR'S BIO: Sriparna was mistakenly born 500km south of the Himalayas in the dusty city of Delhi and unfortunately continues to live there. Hence, she tries to head north as often as possible. At other times she runs her own communication design studio (called tiffinbox) while staring at clouds, smiling at trees and fostering puppies.