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Best places to try international cuisine in Gurgaon

Raasta, a cool lounge in the middle of Gurgaon pays tribute to Rastafarian culture.
Image courtesy: Raasta

As Gurgaon’s young population has increased, so have its demands for international cuisine. Today foodies are not satisfied with mundane Thai, Chinese or Italian dishes. They are finicky; they’ve travelled the world, sampled different cuisines and want to taste the same in their hometown. To satisfy their palate, the preferences and choices are certainly getting wider so take your pick from these places.


Bean curd, pakchoy and mushroom amalgam at Latitude, Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon​
Image courtesy: Latitude, Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon​

Buddhist cuisine at Latitude, Vivanta by Taj, Gurgaon

Aren’t there times when you crave for something light – steamed and low on spices instead of fried and dripping with cheese and sauces? The Buddhist peace menu at Latitude offers just that. Inspired from Buddhist monasteries across different countries, it includes a range of greens, organic ingredients and dishes that are yummy simply because they are oozing with so much natural flavour. Needless to say, they are perfect for those watching the calories. The steamed yet crunchy and paper-thin Popiya Roll that’s made of wheat flour and stuffed with vegetables is delicious, as is the Vegetable Bao. The Asian Bowl Soup and Trio of Mushroom and Noodle Broth are so wholesome and filling that you will be completely sated. But we will still recommend the Garlic Poached Warm Beans. End the meal with Rice Dumplings in Sweetened Jasmine Consommé. And you will come out wondering why more restaurants don’t make their food like this – so flavourful and authentic.

Address: close to Fortis hospital, Sector 44

Spanish cuisine at Pintxo

Craving for tapas (hot or cold appetisers) and paella since your holiday in Spain? Look no further than this tiny restaurant in Galleria market. Pintxo in Spanish is akin to tapas in the Basque region. Done up in attractive woodwork, the restaurant offers a variety of tapas. Whether you go for the Ham Croquets, Spanish Omelette, Slow Roast Pork Belly Sandwich or opt for the Valencia Paella, each of them is something to write home about. But when you order the Sangria, don’t expect this drink to be made with wine as they don’t serve alcohol. Other than that, this place has everything spot on.

Address: SF-90, Galleria market, DLF Phase IV

Californian cuisine at The California Boulevard 

The menu looks more like a book.  With a hard-bound cover that runs into several pages, it features 300 dishes spanning 30 countries so we won’t blame you if get a bit baffled. It’s well worth the effort because there is a whole range of tasty dishes, but what stands out is the Californian cuisine.  The Californian Taurus Burger with a BBQ lamb patty and Californian Capricorn Burger with a tenderloin patty are really good. And if you’re crazy about seafood, don’t skip the Seafood Thermidor which is absolutely delicious. For the sweet tooth cravings there is TCB Kulfi Gazzak which is flamed and the mind-numbing Flambe Baileys Jamun, where instead of the sweet syrup you get flambé rum. But if this doesn’t suit your fancy, there are 13 other desserts to choose from.

Address: SCO 383- 384, Sector 29

German cuisine at 7° Brauhaus

Come here for just two things – the beer and sausages. Literally translated, Brauhaus means a beer house and this is what this place is all about. The brewery has four different kinds of beer – lager, wheat, special and master’s brew. Of course, you can ask for a sampler before deciding which one to go for. The Bavarian Prawn Salad, Munich Sausage Salad, Homemade Bratwurst, Munich Stake Sandwich and a variety of schnitzels completes the German experience. We’d also suggest Grilled German Sausage Platter, which is a mix of Nurnberg, Bratwurst, Krakauer, Weisswurst, Wiener and Knaxx.

Address: 310-311, South Point Mall, third floor, DLF Golf Course Road, Sector 53 

Roasted Chicken Wich at Raasta.
Image courtesy: Raasta

Caribbean cuisine at Raasta

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a Caribbean lounge/restaurant? Bob Marley posters? Foot-stomping music by legends like Bob Dylan, Jimi Hendrix and Jimmy Cliff? You got that right. The cool lounge in the middle of Gurgaon pays a tribute to Rastafarian culture. They launched a new menu on Bob Marley’s 70th birthday, which is dominated by Caribbean dishes. Now you can order Jamaican Grilled Chicken Skewers, Jerk Chicken Wings, Jamaican Jerk Chicken or a typical Caribbean salad. We’ll recommend all these and also the Chilli Garlic Prawns and the Rum Chica Rum Chicken. But if you go there soon, you’ll get something absolutely legendary – chuski tails. The good old chuski gets a contemporary and alcoholic twist – Jager Bomb, Baileys, Kala Khatta and Whiskey Sour. It doesn’t get better than this. They’ve also come up with signature cocktails they call Bongtails since they are served in glass bongs. Try Purple Haze which is a mix of vodka, tequila, gin, dark rum, whiskey and triple sec.

Address: second floor, Cyber Hub, DLF Cyber City

Belgian cuisine at Di Ghent Cafe

How many types of egg recipes can you think of? This tiny cafe proudly presents about 15 egg dishes for breakfast. From a delicious variety of beer poached eggs, scrambled to omelettes made with a twist. For example, if you order Braun, your dish will have egg with smoked salmon, topped with capers, sour cream and red onions. But how can we forget waffles when we talk of a Belgian cafe? They have many kinds and even savoury ones. Those with a sweet tooth should go for the one with strawberries, fresh cream, hot chocolate sauce and maple syrup. For breakfast, they have sweet and savoury pancakes, croissants and bagels. If you’re here for lunch or dinner, you can pick from a range of pastas, panini and salads. Desserts complete a great experience.

Address: 208, level 2, Cross Point Mall, DLF Phase IV

Tex-Mex-style cuisine at Chili’s

There are many Mexican restaurants in the city, but Chili’s remains an eternal favourite. Whether you order the Classic Nachos dripping with cheese and topped with jalapenos, the juicy fajitas, crisp tacos or the legendary steaks and ribs, each dish is mouth-watering. They’ve recently introduced a range of pastas with a south-western touch. If you’re heading here for the first time, chances are you’ll be back soon for you can’t do justice to this in one go.

Address: Ambiance Mall, National Highway 8

Korean cuisine at Gung The Palace

It can’t get more Korean than this. More than six years old, this restaurant has earned its reputation for serving the best Korean food in town. From table-top barbeques, meat specials, Korean specials, stews to extraordinary seafood, the place has everything Korean, including Karaoke rooms. If you have any confusion after seeing their elaborate menu, just ask the server what to order.

Address: Plot 27, Sector 29, near Signature Towers

Japanese cuisine at Sakura

The number of Japanese restaurants is increasing in the city, but Sakura remains a strong favourite and one of the best fine-dining places in Gurgaon. From elaborate sushi and sashimi platters, ramen, cod fish, Sakura will spoil you for choice. Start with the delicious tuna fish salad and then move on to Tempura Moriawase – prawns, squid and assorted vegetables fried in a light batter. The Ginmutsu Saikyo Yaki, a broiled cod fish marinated with white Kyoto soy bean paste and sushi platters, is something you can’t skip. The fish is imported from Japan along with most other ingredients. The restaurant tries to make the experience truly Japanese. The food is served on a special plate and you get forks and spoons only when you ask for them.

Address: first floor, Time Tower Building, MG Road

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