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9 delicious treats to keep your weekends sweet

The best part – they're all really easy to bake.

Weekends are all about relaxing and sleeping the week’s worries away. But not for LPI author Shweta Andrews who loves to dabble in some weekend baking (and has pictures to prove it). We aren’t complaining because what’s food for if not to keep the soul happy, and your tummy full. Here’s plenty of freshly baked inspiration to tickle your sweet tooth.


1. Chocolate Oreo cake

Made with thick chocolate ganache and crushed Oreo biscuits, the cake will leave a sweet and subtle after-taste of vanilla. Best had with: a hot cup of coffee and your favourite book.

2. Snickerdoodles

These are perfect golden-hued bites; the flavours of nutmeg and cinnamon explode in your mouth, and leave your throat warm and your taste buds buzzing. Best had with: your gal pals over a weekend tête-à-tête.

3. Night and Day cupcakes

A burnt sugar and butter taste lend the cupcakes their dark colour. Soft on the inside and fluffy on the outside, the cupcakes crowned with a creamy vanilla frosting are a delight to bite into. Best had when: suffering from an attack of the munchies. Be sure to lick off the icing before biting into the cupcakes.

4. Karachi biscuits

A trademark of the famous Karachi bakery in Hyderabad, these melt-in-mouth biscuits have a rosy essence and a generous sprinkling of colorful tutti frutti. Best had: dipped in tea at brunch.

5. Profiteroles

This French choux pastry puff (or cream puff) is filled with whipped cream and dunked in chocolate ganache (almond chocolate) and best served cold. Best had with: your evening cuppa.

6. Chocolate chip cookies

Easily the world’s most popular cookie, it comes to us from the USA. Made with the simplest ingredients like flour, butter, essence and chocochips, its best had with a tall glass of warm milk at bedtime.

7. Fairy cakes with buttercream frosting

These pretty little, almost bite-sized cupcakes are a smaller version of the regular cupcake. Its butter cream frosting will keep you coming back for seconds. A sure hit with children, it’s best for when you finally have that ‘Alice in Wonderland’ theme party.

8. Coconut cookies

This one’s an all-time favourite in India. It’s sun-kissed crust and chewy centre will bring back memories from childhood when having just one wasn’t enough. Best had: anytime you can sneak one.

9. Vanilla and chocolate marble cake

Imagine a tea-time cake that goes a step further than a regular cake. This one hides swirls of chocolate throughout its spongy interior. Best had at: tea-time with family.

All images: Shweta Andrews

AUTHOR'S BIO: Shweta Andrews is the picture research manager at Lonely Planet India. And she loves to bake. Clearly. Follow her on Instagram for some foodspiration: @shwetaandrews