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Ganesh Chaturthi special: colourful images from behind the scenes

While Maharashtra arguably leads the way when it comes to Ganesh Chaturthi celebrations, the festival is celebrated with gusto in most parts of the country. It was impossible to miss the joie de vivre as LPI author Gitika Saksena stopped by the Pottery Town in Bengaluru to catch the idol makers in action.

Idols of all shapes and sizes propped up in sheds and porticos caught her fancy. And it wasn’t long before she chanced upon David, a potter and resident, working hard to get the idols ready.

This photo story beautifully essays Lord Ganesha’s journey from the palm of an artist before his final journey to open waters.


David has been busy sculpting and painting idols of Ganesha for the last three months.

David and another potter get almost 50 idols a day ready. They have already created thousands of idols over the last three months to meet the demand from Bengaluru and nearby areas.

Bright watercolours are used to paint the clay idols.

The eyes are painted at the end, after which the idols are covered and packed up. It is believed that after the eyes are painted, the idols come alive.

Ganesh idols ready and stocked up for sale.

I reluctantly leave the colorful world of David behind, and wander around the streets of Pottery Town. I suddenly stopped in my tracks at this sight. A momentary illusion that the God is floating in a plastic bubble…

All images: Gitika Saksena

AUTHOR'S BIO: An economics graduate from Lady Shri Ram College, Delhi and an MBA from Xavier Institute of Management, Bhubaneshwar, Gitika started flirting with photography in 2011 and it has been a constant companion ever since. She enjoys taking photographs related to travel, humanitarian causes, festivals and celebrations and once in a while, likes to connect dots and find the common thread between images of people and places. More on: