Gifting ideas for Diwali

Pick from our list of practical options that’ll make for wonderful gifts for any traveller

Diwali’s almost here, and so is the gifting season. Pick from our list of practical options that’ll make for wonderful gifts for any traveller.

Gift hampers

The festive season always presents a good excuse for a guilt-free indulgence in sweets and chocolates so what better time to share the love (and the calories) than Diwali! Gift hampers come in numerous varieties. Sweet and savoury snacks with some traditional diyas and incense sticks, fireworks and some bubbly to top it all—you can customise a hamper and gift your loved ones something they will truly relish.

Top tip: For travel enthusiasts, create a hamper with mini toiletries, a Swiss knife, travel books, maps etc.

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Clothes and accessories

Diwali is a time to don colourful Indian attire. Add to that, multi-coloured dupattas, sparkling jewellery and funky mojris. But when you’re travelling you need to be a lot more practical. So gift your travelling buddies a colourful sarong made of a light fabric that can easily be carried in their backpack; or a crushed kurta that doesn’t require ironing.

Top tip: Items like sarongs have multiple uses – they can be a substitute for a beach towel or a blanket.


Gift someone the urge to travel by buying them a guidebook to their favourite destination or books by travel writers. People often don’t find time to travel, so inspire them to take the plunge and free them of the crutches of armchair travel by showing them what they are missing out on.

Top tip: Additionally, you can gift you friends/family audiobooks for some auditory pleasure.

Polaroid/GoPro camera

GoPros are the rage in today’s selfie-obsessed world. They are apt for adventure enthusiasts who want to capture every thrilling moment they experience. On the other hand, Polaroid cameras are best for those seeking instant gratification. Made new friends? Preserve their memory in an instant.

Top tip: Throw in a waterproof case and you have the perfect travel gift!

Travel journal

It’s true that blogging is more preferable in today’s digitally age, but there’s nothing like penning down your thoughts old school style – in a diary. So much happens during a trip that it’s difficult to remember every little bit – observations you made, funny signboards you saw, names of local food and drinks. It’s always great to record the tiny moments that made a trip memorable.

Top tip: Try and get a journal that can double as a scrapbook allowing one to preserve bus/train tickets, maps of beloved cities etc.

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