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Trending: Jamie’s Pizzeria By Jamie Oliver

The famous chef’s first pizzeria in Delhi brings together the flavours of Italy and India together with pukka Brit flair.

Jamie Oliver burst into the international food scene when he was 17. The Naked Chef (1999-2001, on BBC) on TV brought him international fame. His quirky quickness in the kitchen, ability to make home cooking appealing, and smart tips made him a star very soon.


Jamie’s Pizzeria opened in Gurgaon late October, offering a happy place for pizza lovers and a menu that is a combo of flavours of Italy with a nod to Indian tastes and seasonal organic ingredients sourced mindfully.

The pizzeria is also a place to pick up Jamie’s popular merchandise like cookbooks or rustic platters. The place has an easy and comfy hangout vibe that is synonymous with Jamie.

Dig into a classic mozzarella and basil hand tossed pizza. A handy tip: tear off those doughy pizza trims and mop them up with killer sundried tomato and olive oil dip.

An appetizer of lotus stem and okra tempura with a cucumber dip helps to work an appetite to dive into the main course.

You can sample pizzas with Italian or desi pizza toppings of your choice. Choose from a Delhi spicy pizza or a traditional Italian arugula and meatball pizza or a spicy prawn and squid pizza too. There are veg, non-veg and vegan options too.

A freshly made strawberry and mint sorbet is an easy choice from the dessert cart. For a group gathering including family and friends the casual cool of Jamie’s Pizzeria makes it a good choice.

AUTHOR'S BIO: Sudha is a senior commissioning editor with Lonely Planet India.