Christmas delicacies you can’t miss

Gingerbread cookies make for delicious Christmas gifts
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Christmas celebrations are incomplete without relishing the special delicacies. Dig your teeth into all these special dishes prepared during this festive season for an authentic experience. It is the season of merry-making after all.

Gingerbread biscuits

“Sugar, spice and everything nice”, what more can one say about these crumbly-mushy pieces of ginger-butter goodness which are well enjoyed with a cup of hot chocolate or a scoop of velvety vanilla ice cream. An age old tradition, gingerbread men biscuits also serve as edible Christmas tree ornaments or edible wreaths. What joy!

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Introduced to the Goans by the Portuguese and a traditional Goan Catholic Christmas must, Sorpotel is a pork dish first brined in aromatic spices and then prepared in a spicy and vinegary curry and is served with mildly sweet steam rice. Best had with almost anything.

Christmas plum cake

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It goes without saying that Christmas is incomplete without a slice of this gorgeous bronze rum or brandy infused piece of heaven. Sign of a good plum cake is in its very first bite- moist and fluffy, the plums/fruits swollen with rum and the aroma of burnt sugar. Best way to enjoy this delight is on Christmas morning with a hot cup of joe, opening presents beside the lit-up tree with your family.

Ginger Wine

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What’s not to love? Blend of ginger, cinnamon and her sisters (nutmeg and cloves), sugar and a dash of red chilli, is what goes into making ginger wine or as it is fondly called in our household – O.T. (don’t ask me why). Not only does it taste divine but a few sips of this golden concoction will keep you warm on a cold winter evening.

Christmas Roast Dinner

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The conventional roast dinner comes to us from the west. Cooked with a variety of poultry like turkey, chicken and duck, it’s served with gravy along with sides of roasted vegetables and egg salad. Preparations usually begin on Christmas Eve.

The Crispy crackling and succulent meat is best washed down with a glass of red wine – mulled, if you please.

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