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Postcards from our May 2016 issue

VALPARAI, TAMIL NADU: Monkey business: Valparai never fails to surprise me, and thus is my favourite spot for photography. On this particular morning, the mist was spreading quickly. I was on the ninth hairpin bend up a hill when I saw these bonnet macaques sitting huddled together. I just had to stop and get a picture.
Photographer: Valparai, Tamil Nadu, by Neelakantan Subramanya Kumar


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JASPER NATIONAL PARK, CANADA: Time for reflection: Until my visit to Pyramid Lake, I had only read about its serene beauty and the stunning morning reflections it has to offer. I made sure to get there early in the morning and was lucky to be greeted with a sunrise lighting up the peak of Pyramid Mountain. To add to this, the still waters of the lake displayed vivid reflections of the surrounds, making the scene all the more surreal.
Photographer: Jasper National Park, Canada, by Amber Ather
MASAI MARA NATIONAL RESERVE, KENYA: Matter of pride: When we were at Masai Mara, we heard there was a pair of mating lions in the area. We tried spotting them, but with no luck. The next morning, we drove to the area again and spotted these lions. A male lion, feeling threatened by another male that was eyeing his partner, charged at him. This photo shows the ensuing fight between the two males.
Photographer: Masai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, by Suman Desarker