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From the Editor: How do you make a buck go further?

Photographer: Mahesh Sagari (Egypt), Austin Bush & Mark Wiens (Thailand), T Krishna Prabakar (Amboli)

Answer: tell the does to ask him to do some chores around the house.

Or you could do a bit of homework, choose a non-peak time of year and select a great destination that, for some reason, the hordes aren’t going to.

You could also simply read our Travel for Value issue, where we look at value as not just cheap destinations, but ones where you can get more than you thought possible. Egypt, for example, has been shamefully wasted – most people see it as a large, sandy museum for a bunch of ancient things, but it’s so much more. Take the time to talk to the locals, and you’ll see that modern Egypt is just as much about its politically-charged present and a hopeful future.

In China, I’d have strictly limited use for mammoth manufacturing capacity and glitzy SEZ cities, but I have lots of time for little places like Tongli and Suzhou and Phoenix, which the government has funded and encouraged to preserve their ancient ways of life – a huge and warm contrast to the CNN image of China.

Going further afield, we’ve looked at five charming (but otherwise expensive) cities around the world – Amsterdam, San Francisco, Copenhagen, Melbourne and Singapore – and looked up great stuff to do that won’t give your wallet a heart attack. Some free, some paid, and all great fun – and a different side to cities you think you already know. And, if you’d rather stay closer to home, we also have brilliant food from Thailand for you to put together – and a trio of icy cocktails to douse the flames afterwards.

You could, alternatively, chase the buck with credit-card offers, but I believe our way is a bit easier.