The WHO has classified Coronavirus (COVID-19) as a global pandemic.

Find out what this means for travelers.

Interview: DJ Dash Berlin: Travel is always a fantastic experience

DJ Dash Berlin

The Dutch deejay performed at the Vh1 Supersonic Arcade in Mumbai, Pune and Bangalore


TRAVEL FOR ME is always a fantastic experience.

I LIKE SEEING THE WORLD as it is. And I’m always ready to see more places.

MY TRAVEL ESSENTIALS include a laptop so I can continue to work on music. And a toothbrush…

MOST PEOPLE DON’T KNOW that I collect refrigerator magnets from everywhere in the world I go. I have a big metal plate in my kitchen at home, and I have magnets on it that take me back to North or South America, to Europe and Asia…

I ALSO COLLECT stickers from wherever I go and put them on my luggage.