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Postcards from our July 2016 issue

CRIEFF, SCOTLAND: Strong as an ox: I was on holiday with my wife in Crieff in Perthshire, on the edge of the Scottish Highlands, when I took this photograph. On this particular day, my wife decided to spend some time relaxing at our hotel and I went out walking in the hills. I was just heading up a small road, enjoying the peace and tranquillity, when this Highland cow came over the ridge and started to check me out. It was like he was saying, “What are you doing here, spoiling my peace?” I just had to take a picture as it was so typically Scottish. A big Highland cow in front of a colourful backdrop of trees, heather, hills and glens.
Photographer: Gordon Clark


This is your section entirely; we invite you, our readers, to send in photographs of special moments on your travels, little events or vistas that struck a chord or made you laugh.
Tell us what you were doing there, and how this photograph came to be.
Best of all, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to be featured here.

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HOHENSCHWANGAU, GERMANY: Water sight: I visited the Neuschwanstein Castle, located in a village called Hohenschwangau, in April 2016. It took us about two hours by train from Munich to get to the castle. The surrounding landscape is absolutely breathtaking. My tour guide, an absolute thrill-seeker, decided that, while descending, we must skip the crowd and instead trek down the hill. I took this photograph while walking beside a lake in a village along the way.
Photographer: Himali Patil
PUSHKAR, RAJASTHAN: Turban legends: It has long been a dream of mine to go to the Pushkar Camel Fair. At first, I found it a bit overwhelming and chaotic, but I soon started to feel at home. I was walking down a street when I noticed these three old turbaned friends sitting against a blue background. As I started
 to take pictures, many other people noticed what I was doing and jumped in to take photos of the men as well. It was almost like we were paparazzi!
Photographer: Rammohan Paranjape