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Interview: Anusha Dandekar: I can’t get over Ang Thong National Park

Anusha Dandekar

Thailand’s newest brand ambassador Anusha Dandekar chats up a storm with us about a few of her favourite things

I am definitely a beach-lover. I enjoy sunbathing and being active by the beach. Going for a run on the beach is one of my fave things to do. I am a big fan of adventure activities like kayaking and snorkelling, too.

I’m not much into sightseeing. I prefer to explore a destination and gather insights on my own. I am a big fan of local cuisine, but, at the same time, not very experimental.

Sunscreen is a must-carry when I’m travelling, considering the amount of time I spend in the sun at the beach. Another staple is my trusty Soap & Glory Great Kisser Lip Balm. A hair-clip is something I’ve learned never to forget. A sling bag and a pair of white sneakers (versatile, classic and useful on all terrain) are other essentials I always pack.

Thailand is the most interesting place I’ve visited on work. And I’m not just saying this because I’m brand ambassador. In fact, I’m the brand ambassador because I feel this way! I love this country. Every time I go back, I find something new to love about the place. It’s so versatile in terms of things to do. There’s no end to how much I can shop there. There’s so much adventure, so much that I haven’t even tried yet, and the bar-hopping options are endless.

My favourite place in Thailand just now is Ang Thong National Park in Koh Samui. There are days when I daydream on set about that time I jumped off the yacht into the water. I really can’t get over that island.

Long stopovers are best for… a foot massage, especially if it’s at Bangkok Airport. It’s one of the best foot massages I’ve experienced.

I usually shop more for personal things, like clothes and accessories, than souvenirs. Still, on my last trip to Thailand, I got one of those old-school fans – it’s made of lace and has potpourri in the centre. It keeps me cool during outdoor shoots. We shoot in strange places sometimes, so I do appreciate the fragrance.