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From the Editor: It isn’t romantic weather

Lofoten Islands
Photographer: Justin Foulkes


Well, yes, it is in Mumbai, but in rather more waterlogged parts of the country, it’s more weather for telling your boss you’ve just died and cannot, therefore come to work today. And for then settling in with his-and-hers (or his-and-his, or hers-and-hers, it all works) copies of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child and cups of cocoa.

However, if you insist on getting all gooey over each other, we might have a few ideas to warm things up a little. We could start with Spain, which tempers its castles-and-wine qualities with a dash of peculiarity in its national literary heroes, and a slice or two of excellent ham as you go through the sun-baked, storied interior, far from the party capitals.

Or you could find your own perfect Caribbean island, with its own version of a secret beach and a good pirate story to get started on your own little version of pirates and wenches (sorry, got a little carried away there) – and it won’t be the touristy ones from the movies. If you prefer mist outside and pahadi food inside, try a romantic trail through Kumaon, with its bevy of small, cosy, family-run stays, all with spectacular views and quirky characters. Or, you could simply plan out your seduction along a bunch of wine trails through Burgundy, Sonoma and Piedmont, all offering plenty of grist for your mill.

Or, just lie back, snuggle a little deeper under those blankets and simply read about Norway’s Lofoten Islands in our slightly fishy bonus feature. Sometimes, even Harry Potter can wait.