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Postcards from our October 2016 issue

JAIPUR, RAJASTHAN: Owl play: Our short weekend trip to Jaipur was made memorable when monsoon showers welcomed us, with a host of wild friends coming out of their niches as if to greet us. I was particularly delighted with this duo of owls popping out of an acacia tree; the two moved along with the lens of my camera, as intrigued with me as I was with them.
Photographer: LPMI reader Dr Deepti Singh Gupta

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BORACAY ISLAND, THE PHILIPPINES: The painted sky: I had heard that sunsets in the Philippines are mesmerising. On this particular evening on White Beach, it seemed as if an errant painter had run amok across the horizon with a bucketful of paint. The silhouette of the sailboats made for the perfect shot.
Photographer: LPMI reader Sugato Tripathy
LONDON, ENGLAND: Swing by: I live close to the Thames and often get up early to wander along the river and enjoy the city before it’s swarming with people. This morning, I was crossing the Millennium Bridge from the South Bank to get a better sunrise view. There was just a single commuter on the bridge, giving the moment a peacefulness that I rarely experience in central London. Though I have lived in the city for over a decade, it still has the ability to stun me, like on this occasion.
Photographer: LPMI reader Heather Carswell