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Postcards from our November 2016 issue

CHENGDU, CHINA: Giant appetite: We were in Chengdu and spent a day volunteering with giant pandas. It was an incredible day where we managed to get up close and personal with these beautiful creatures. We were able to clean out their enclosures and feed them. It was after we had left fresh bamboo in their enclosures that I looked back and saw this panda on its back eating – what a photo opportunity! I couldn’t believe my luck. Even now it makes me smile when I look at the photo. It reminds me of the fun we had helping to look after the pandas. I have very fond memories indeed of our experience with them in Chengdu. It was so worth visiting.
Photographer: Reader Jonathan Heathcote-Curtis

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KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL: The river in colour: As the ferry moved forward on the River Ganges, the setting sun and the dramatic clouds set the stage for this photograph. The moment reminded me of Tagore’s lines: “Waves soar and dissolve, flowers wither and blossom, death and sorrow happen, so does happiness.” Embrace the journey and enjoy the beauty that lies in each moment.
Photographer: LPMI reader Suman Kalyan Malaker
KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA: Petronas in the rain: The Petronas Towers are among the most photographed buildings in Asia – these man-made marvels of glistening steel and glass are a magnificent sight to behold. Still, it’s when nature plays a foil to these structures that one is in for a real treat. I took this photo from the restaurant at the top of KL Tower. We were very fortunate because the rainy skies opened up for a few moments to give us this gorgeous sunset.
Photographer: LPMI reader Kunal Gupta