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From the Editor: Wasn’t it Christmas 2015 last week?

The Nantucket Whaling Museum presents plenty of opportunity for quiet introspection
Photographer: Unnikrishnan Raveendranathen


Odd, that – and I haven’t even been partying much. I have been travelling a fair bit though (just in NZ, and a big shout out to everyone there – hope you’re all okay), and they say time flies when you’re having fun.

So, welcome to this year’s Best In Travel: the most exciting places you could try to find yourself in in the coming year. Among them are Canada (couldn’t happen to a nicer country), Colombia and Myanmar, as well as the daydream-like Tuamotos Islands in French Polynesia. The selection ranges from the very exotic (from Peru to the Skellig Ring in Ireland to Ohrid in Macedonia) to the neighbourly, like a Nepal that’s doing its best to rise up again, and needs your tourism money to make it so.

Elsewhere in the issue, we have the extremely inviting-looking Montenegro, an absolute treasure in the Balkans, plus a Japan with the colour taken out of it so you can appreciate the beauty of its forms. There’s also unique and wonderful Budapest, the wedding-cake gorgeousness of Chamonix, and the hugely atmospheric coast of New England.

Whatever you choose as your top pick for 2017, remember to send us a postcard.