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From the Editor: You should always be open to new experiences.

Learning to dive off the Maldives
Photographer: Jyothy Karat


For example, I tried activated charcoal last night, on a friend’s recommendation. Now, I would like to experience the bubonic plague, which would be an improvement on my condition this morning. But still, the thought remains.

And not all experiences have you crying out for your mother. No, not even the possibility of being ringed by wild animals while you camp out in the bush in Zambia, a very different way of going on safari from the usual lodges and guided game drives. Or the experience of leaving behind the Enid Blyton image of Wales and going coasteering instead, which involves clinging on to sea-drenched cliffs and eventually leaping off them.

You can also go on safari or climb cliffs in India, in our special story for women who want to explore the country. Or, you could simply dive into the turquoise waters of the Maldives, and find a rather large manta ray for company (or fail to spot it, as the case may be). Or hang out like Superman in Austria, and fly between mountains (externally-worn red underwear is not compulsory).

Of course, if none of these options floats your boat, I do recommend the charcoal. Trust me. It’s like Christmas.