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From the Editor: I spend a lot of time planning holidays.

Nordic European Food
Photographer: Simon Bajada


Holidays that might or might not happen. I have accommodation lists, just in case; Google Flights tracking fares on flights I might never take; even itineraries that I’ve worked out on the off-chance.

Planning to travel is something that totally relaxes me.

And yet, there’s also something inexplicably exciting about last-minute getaways. Sure, they’re not for everyone. They require a spirit that is adventurous, ready to grab the impromptu chance, perhaps a pocket of leave you didn’t know you had, even an unexpected drop in fares to a place you’ve always wanted to explore.

Let me put it out there: even if you’re not a very last-minute person otherwise, there’s a holiday for you in this issue.

We’ve chosen destinations that require almost no planning (because we’ve done it all for you). Like Barcelona in Spain. Many in Team LPMI love Barcelona; I have fond memories of my time at La Flauta – I sat so long that the management may not have fond memories of me. If you just keep an eye on your watch, the bunch of fun ideas we have will help you really get under the skin of the Catalan capital.

Then there’s food in Vietnam, romance in Thailand, family fun in Singapore, adventure in Malaysia and a value break in Indonesia, and these are all countries with either visa on arrival or easy visa procedures.

Our big blow-out story this issue is sure to find a place in your cut-and-keep folder. Desperate to travel but not sure you have the money? Let us convince you to pack up and leave – to Zanzibar, Tokyo, Prague and more. You’ll find the flights there and back are the most expensive part of your holiday; we’ve plotted all else to be super value for you!

And, if you just can’t leave home, try a staycation with a difference – in your own home, your own kitchen, to be precise, with a menu that will transport to Nordic Europe as you pull it together.

Because, physically or vicariously, you need to travel – and we love helping you do that.