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Postcards from our March 2017 issue

ILULISSAT, GREENLAND: Puppy face: Last winter, Greenland called out to me. When I visited, I spotted the aurora dancing in the cold night sky above, and Greenland husky dogs sledding on the ground below. They are wild and beautiful, and I could have stared into their beautiful blue eyes until nightfall. I watched them howl like wolves, and chase each other around the snow and rocks. This one sat solitarily, basking in the late afternoon wind.
Photographer: Reader Adil Amin

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HAVANA, CUBA: Taking a shine: I was on a three-week trip in Cuba at a very important moment. After backpacking across the country with a friend, we arrived in Havana just in time to witness Barack Obama’s historic visit – the first by a sitting president since the 1959 revolution. Two days later, we heard that The Rolling Stones were to play a free concert in Havana for 5,00,000 Cubans. This classic shot of Havana will always remind me of this very accidental, once-in-a-lifetime experience.
Photographer: Reader Adam McDonald
DELHI, NCR: Labour of love: In metropolises like Delhi, construction never stops. Thousands of workers build homes for other people, toiling under the city’s sun and smog. I happened to come across this construction site, and took this picture against the smoky sky tinged orange by the sun.
Photographer: Reader Rajat Goyal