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From the Editor: I love the idea of travelling “two streets over.”

Photographer: Himanshu Pandya


All of us know the thrill of discovering something we hadn’t expected – the little eatery that only the locals frequent, a tiny shop selling unusual handicrafts, a great viewpoint where you’re not jostling with other visitors to get that perfect sunset shot. All of us know these discoveries are only made when we step off the trodden track.

For Team LPMI, looking for the unusual around the world is the holy grail. After we offer you a 101 on a destination, we’re always on the lookout for experiences we – and you – haven’t tried there before. And when, in this much-explored world, we find places that we don’t already know well, it’s cause for much excitement and chocolate – though, at the LPMI office, even a good hair day (anyone’s good hair day) could be an excuse for chocolate :).

This issue, we’re excited about Bahrain, a place we knew little about till Fabiola and Himanshu went and discovered its great food, its burial mounds dating back to 3000 BC; and its sparkling sea. Our five Indian drives are truly unusual – you’ll hug forgotten coasts, take in often-ignored architecture, and, in one case, make camp more than once along the route. And then, there’s the Wachau Valley, a so-little-heard-of part of Austria that we have to keep telling eavesdroppers we’re not talking about Macau.

The ‘Other Side’ theme can even be seen in our Globetrotter section, where New Zealand’s Doubtful Sound dazzles in The Photo Story. It’s less known than Milford, but it’s so worth the bus and boat ride it takes to get to, and we’re betting it’s going to be on your bucket list soon.

Because I’m sure you’ll agree with the seekers on Team LPMI – in life and in travel, the unusual is always more exciting.