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Postcards from our June 2017 issue

KUTCH, GUJARAT: All ears: A friend and I visited the Little Rann of Kutch, a salt marsh landscape that is home to many local and migratory bird species, and the last sanctuary of the Indian wild ass. We’d been hoping to spot the short-eared owl, a majestic bird that winters there but that is rarely seen during the day. On our second day of searching, we found one, resting on a branch just above the ground. We crawled slowly towards it, thorns scratching our knees and elbows. Finally, I managed to capture the image I wanted: the intense stare of this flame-coloured owl. It was hard work, but well worth it. When I look at the image now, it takes me
Photographer: Hardik Pala

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TAMIL NADU, INDIA: Birds of pray: Holidaying in my home town of Chidambaram, I decided to spend an afternoon at nearby Gangaikondacholapuram, an ancient city that’s the site of one of the greatest surviving temples of the medieval Chola dynasty. When I arrived, I was awestruck by its architecture and roamed around for several hours taking pictures. As the sun began to set, I saw these pigeons making their last flights round the vimana, the tower above the temple’s inner sanctum, before settling for the night. Whenever I think about the temple, this shot lingers in my memory – a moment caught at the perfect time.
Photographer: Vijayaraj Panangadu Selvaraj
WEXFORD, IRELAND: Against the tide: I recently visited County Wexford for two days with my partner and our three-year-old daughter. On the second day there, we went to the Hook Peninsula. The idea was to capture the sunset at Hook Lighthouse, one of the oldest operating one. It is also one of the most visited places in Ireland. The place is very special, because it is so wild and the waves here are really freaky. Every tenth wave or so was particularly big, I didn't manage to get a shot of one at its peak, because it felt too dangerous, but I was delighted with my photograph.
Photographer: Todor Tilev