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From Our Editor: Travel is like a treasure hunt

Photographer: Simon Bajada


I often rue that I know so little about Mumbai. This is the city I was brought to, squalling, at 40 days from my ‘native place’. This is the city I was brought up in. And I am privileged to live in arguably the most charismatic part of the city: South Mumbai.

And yet, although I have wandered the streets so often, there is so much I have not yet seen, or, to put it more correctly, not noticed. Because we scuttle so much through our lives, constantly handling work, family and social obligations, we often miss out on the chance to stop and stare.

It is something that, happily, does not afflict a traveller on holiday. Out of our usual milieu, unencumbered by the need to keep time, we will crick our necks, hunker down to look at embedded panels, absorb every nuance of the wonderful life around us. It’s easier in some destinations than in others. This issue, we rediscover Madagascar – and Radhika, Alisha and Friyan are seriously

considering adopting a lemur together (they’ve been watching enough YouTube videos to be able to raise one easily). We uncover the secrets of Havana and Finland. We lay a hidden Japan on a plate (yes, recipes and all), and we proudly present a Locals’ Goa, with insider secrets even we weren’t privy to.

There’s more: a quick glance at Guadeloupe, a marvellous series on windows in world cities, and, of course, our quick getaways that make the most of the rains.

But don’t fret if you can’t go just now. Because, even if all you can do right now is sit at home with hot chai and bhajiyas and this issue, the world is constantly reinventing, rediscovering, rejuvenating itself. The Spanish are finishing up the Sagrada Família, Egypt is finding new archaeological sites, Kenya has a new railway line to replace the ‘Lunatic Express’…

When you’re ready to travel, the world as always will be ready and welcoming of you.