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Postcards from our July 2017 issue

FARNE ISLANDS, ENGLAND: Fishing for compliments I took this shot on a day trip to the Farne Islands, off the coast of Northumberland. In summer, they teem with seabirds, including Atlantic puffins in their thousands. Setting foot on the islands, I was gobsmacked by all the birds: guillemots, razorbills, kittiwakes. The spectacle took my breath away (though it might also have been the smell). As it was breeding season, the puffins were bringing back sand eels by the beakful to their young. I was delighted to capture this one with its mouth full of fish, wings open as if bragging to his fellow puffins. This photo reminds me of my first encounter with the birds – now one of my favourites.
Photographer: Reader Paul Stowell


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Tell us what you were doing there, and how this photograph came to be.
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CHILIKA LAKE, ORISSA: Light house: It was a beautiful morning on Orissa’s Chilika Lake, and the perfect weather to capture surreal moments. It was an early morning, when the sun had still not risen, and everything seemed so quiet and tranquil. It almost felt like the waters were in deep sleep. While sailing around the lake, I found Breakfast Island in front of me just as the sun was rising. The rays looked like sparkling diamonds.
Photographer: Reader Suman Kalyan Malaker
VENICE, ITALY: In flight: I wished to visit Venice and admire its beauty at a peaceful time with fewer people and more architecture, but I was faced with thousands of other tourists and less space for peaceful sightseeing. I was in the centre of Piazza San Marco (or St Mark’s Square), capturing pictures of people feeding the pigeons and doing the same thing as me – taking photos. All of a sudden, a pigeon flew into my frame to create this perfect picture.
Photographer: Reader Jasmine Baretto
KOLKATA, WEST BENGAL: Clay mate: The grandeur of Kolkata’s idols of the Goddess Durga have a rather humble beginning in the labyrinthine bylanes of Kumartuli. It’s a tradition that has been passed down from generation to generation by a few artisan families. Each statue is painstakingly handcrafted with great reverence. This particular idol caught my eye because of its sheer beauty – the artisan seemed to be combing her hair with such love and affection that it was truly a sight to behold.
Photographer: Reader Kunal Gupta