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From Our Editor: You Can Travel Alone for Romance

Mount Etna, Sicily
Photographer: Jeremiah Christanand Rao


No, we’re not talking about finding love on the road or any of that mushy stuff – though, if you do find a soulmate in Paris or Azerbaijan, you’ll have Team LPMI cheering as loud as the rest of your friends. Rather, in this Travel for Romance issue, we’re asking you to let the destination – rather than the person you’re travelling with – seduce you. Open your heart, for instance, to Hawai‘i, which is the star of our Perfect Trip this issue; its all-pervasive air of languor and gentle nonchalance are just as enticing as its natural beauty. Or to New Zealand, through which we guide you on an exploration by campervan – yes, campervan! Then, because there’s something unspeakably romantic about train journeys, we take you on a choo-choo ride (many choo-choo rides, in fact) from London to Venice, and we’ve thrown in a slow-travel story on Sicily for good measure, which you don’t want to miss – Radhika and Jerry do a lot of careening around on little scooters and cooking with local produce.

We’ve always suspected there was more to Hyderabad than we knew, but just how much there was surprised even former LPMIer Sharmeen, and she’s lived there most of her life! Discover the City of Nizams anew with all the insider secrets she prised out from her friends…

This issue, we’re also loving Harshad Arole’s sketches of Pune in The Photo Story. He’s part of the Urban Sketching movement, and you’ll find a linked story on how Jyothy Karat, whose byline you often see for photography in the magazine, found capturing a destination by pencil stroke as fulfilling as with camera.

Lots more of the idyllic and the picturesque in our Easy Trips section, where the monsoon continues to play its part in making each weekend break a go-now one.

So go on, treat yourself to a break. We promise you a warm glow and a high that only love can bring.