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From Our Editor: Winter is coming…

Photographer: Kris Davidson


Winter is coming… But no snow. Not here in Mumbai, certainly. For most Indians, the cold wave – and the snow – can only be found if they make their way up north. Not us at the LPMI office, though; we’re lucky enough to be able to showcase a fashionable winter wardrobe of sweaters, coats and capes year round (it’s to do with the air conditioning, not wishful thinking, I assure you), which means that we’re fairly divided about what we want to do in the winter. Should we embrace the cold? Should we seek the sun? This issue has inspiration whichever way we – and you – want to go.

For sun seekers, Colombia is at its best from December to March, while South Africa, also in the Southern Hemisphere, celebrates a bright summer during our winter. Vietnam is cool and dry, and, even if it weren’t, author Marcel Theroux’s train journey through the country would make you want to go anyway. If you’re chasing the cold, our Swiss winter trek with monks and snow and St Bernards (who can resist them?) will hit the spot, and our extraordinary places to stay in winter are so cosy, you may never want to get out and build a snowman. Closer home, we’ve got a roster of five great Indian festivals to help you plan your winter breaks around the best of dance, art and music in the subcontinent. Not everything’s to theme either; we also have a feature on food in Northern Ireland that will get you packing – or salivating at least.

Because, yes, winter is coming, but you get to choose whether or not your winter getaway should feature snow.