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From our Editor: The lure of the last-minute

Photographer: Matt Munro


The lure of the last-minute…

It’s not for me.

I prefer the long run-up to a holiday, the planning, the pleasurable anticipation, even the leisurely packing over a week… But, increasingly, I have been offered chances to travel that come without the countdown, and I have taken them, because, the alternative, with my current schedule, would be to not travel at all.

I know some of you, dear readers, are like me, people who look forward to your break over a period of time, while some of you revel in the last-minute. This issue is for all of us – because everybody needs a break for winter, and our features this issue give it to you without too much fuss.

Look to our feature on Taiwan to keep you cool; it’s set out as a perfect trip that offers you four different experiences across the bite-sized country. Take a jacket along, and remember that nights might be quite cold. Looking for the freeze? Our alternative Christmas markets across Europe will hit the spot. Desi chill is on the menu with our great options for getaways from Delhi. And, New York City, brilliant as our bonus feature, beckons in any weather.

What else have we been up to? Fabiola, Friyan, Amrita, Kirthika, Krishna, Hashim and Hardika have been travelling quite a bit – last minute, of course – and you’ll see their names and work on our Easy Trips pages. I always look at their stories and wish I had gone too. I’m sure you will too. Do go!