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From our Editor: Another year is over

The Ultimate Travelling Camp, Diskit, Ladakh
Photographer: Mahesh Sagari


It’s been a momentous year here at Lonely Planet Magazine India. We’ve had Fabiola, Kirthika and Amrita join us (and bring great vibrancy to the team), and we’ve said bon voyage to the stalwarts, Vardhan, Hardika and Radhika (who wandered off halfway through the making of this issue). As we hit the new year, Alisha and Friyan, our wonderful research girls, will also be off to other endeavours. For most of us, it’s been a great – and long – journey together, so I know you’ll join me in wishing them luck.

With the promise of the new year comes the anticipation of new travels, and we’re thrilled to bring you our ultimate guide to the destinations you must try to get to next year – Lonely Planet’s Best in Travel 2018.

There’s been lots of buzz among travellers since the release of this list, and destinations, many of which have not received the attention they deserved before this, are thrilled to be included in this carefully-curated collection. To start you off, we’ve got great stories on Chile (#1 in the countries catalogue), and on food in Emilia-Romagna (on the family faves roll), which will have you either scuttling off to your computer to book tickets or to your kitchen to make something, anything, to satisfy your need for good food.

We’ve also got five great Indian Indulgences that you will be tempted to treat yourself to this year, and the highly-inspiring Secret Marvels of the World, which are a wonderful mix of the quirky and the awe-inspiring.

There’s lots coming in 2018 – including our 100th issue, which we’d love you, dear readers, to be a part of. More on that soon. Until then, enjoy the last month of this year. And dream, plan, and make that trip happen.