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Postcards from our December 2017 issue

GUDVANGEN FJORD, NORWAY: Nor-way is this real!: I took this photograph during a vacation in the majestic Gudvanjen Fjord in Norway. The morning freshness, combined with the beauty of the snow-clad mountains and the untroubled waters, created a magical aura around the place. Very few moments arouse a deep sense of peace and tranquility – being here surrounded by spectacular natural beauty was one of those rare, special moments.
Photographer: Reader Ravi Valdiya

This is your section entirely; we invite you, our readers, to send in photographs of special moments on your travels, little events or vistas that struck a chord or made you laugh.

Tell us what you were doing there, and how this photograph came to be.
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SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA: Opera nights: This image was taken from Dawes Point Park, just below the Pylon Lookout on the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Since this was the first time I was trying night photography, there were a lot of experimental shots that night. It was only a matter of time, and trial and error, until I got a shot I was happy with. Luckily, the photograph clearly showcased the Opera House along with the motion of the ferry, light flares and even a few stars.
Photographer: Reader Tanuj Mehta
BALI, INDONESIA: Monk-ey business: Borobudur, located in Java, is the world’s biggest Buddhist landmark. Situated on the Indonesian island of Java, Borobudur was built around 750 AD. The temple is a three-dimensional mandala (outline of the universe). Built with about 56,000 cubic meters of volcanic stone, Borobudur encloses a small hill and is shaped like a stepped pyramid. I took this shot from the upper level when these monks were walking away from the gate of the middle level.
Photographer: Reader Sirsendu Gayen
DZUKOU VALLEY, NAGALAND: Bridging the gap: The Dzukou Valley is located on the Nagaland-Manipur border. To reach the base camp, we had to trek for about six hours. The valley lies at a distance of around 17-18km from the village of Viswema in Nagaland. In order to get this shot, we trekked downhill for another hour from the base camp. I managed to take a photograph of this beautiful valley that lies between the two states, with a small stream that demarcates the state boundaries.
Photographer: Reader Dimpy Gogoi