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From our Editor: Raise your hand if you haven’t planned a summer holiday yet!

Photographer: Matt Munro


I would be with you if it were not for a chance encounter with Google Flights last October that got me cheap tickets to Rome for May. I’m not a last-minute person, but I’m always thrilled when more-spontaneous friends and colleagues grab an opportunity – an impromptu weekend getaway or a last-minute deal too fabulous to pass up – and wander off into the world.

Still, summer is at least a month away, so our line-up of destinations you can still travel to will hit the spot. Hidden France offers a cornucopia of unusual experiences you might otherwise miss, while the story on trips you didn’t think you could take your kids on in India will help you brave the Are We There Yet? query – we’ve even broken it down into age groups and kiddie selling points to persuade you to travel en famille. Two of our features are festival-based – Songkran in Chiang Mai in mid-April is a perfect excuse to get very wet to beat Thailand’s heat, while Walpurgis in Germany at the end of April takes Halloween to a whole other level. Incidentally, a Schengen visa for Germany takes about 15 days to process, you can sometimes get a visa for France in two days, and Thailand offers Indians a visa on arrival. You will be, we assure you, in good time to plan a wonderful summer holiday.

As always, our Easy Trips are tailor-made for the last-minute traveller – each one of them is planned for the current month. And this month’s bonus feature is a heart-warmer Team LPMI loved: it sets out the secrets of longevity straight from the centenarians of Okinawa, Japan.

Get down to planning then: long life and good travels to you!