From our Editor: The lure of the great outdoors

Photographer: Hashim Badani


For me, it comes in the form of sweeping views, of open oceans, of mountains high… I am no longer a seeker of great adventure; I’ve done my share of whitewater rafting on the Ganga, climbing across gorges in Switzerland, and sinking into the sea over the Great Barrier Reef. Now, I appreciate good vantage points, train journeys that take me past ever-changing terrain, and the privilege of a view of Uluru as the sun rises over the red centre of Australia.

The great thing about the outdoors, then, is that there are so many ways to access it, and we’re happy to share some of them in this special issue. Camp, cook outdoors and ramble across the countryside in a part of Switzerland you might not have visited before. Our feature on Queensland’s far north showcases how its coral-fringed coastline and expanses of raw nature are now accessible and welcoming. You’ll hear the wild calling out to you across the Yukon in Canada, while our three great biking itineraries invite you to pedal through some of the loveliest locales in France, Vietnam and New Zealand. And how can we forget India — our beloved land of magnificent mountains, rushing rivers and beautiful skies? Our quick guide to the Indian outdoors will help you take to the skies, climb (small) mountains, and hit the water.

Because it’s a great, big, wonderful world, and so much of it is out in the open.