From our Editor: How far we’ve travelled together!

Hogenakkal, Tamil Nadu: Be awed by the power of waterfalls and stories of South India's legendary dynasties
Photographer: Viinobha Nathan


Eight years, a hundred issues… it’s been a long journey and many of you, dear readers, have been with us right from the beginning. We’ve been encouraged and overwhelmed by your reactions and feedback to the destinations we’ve showcased to be the inspiration for your own travels.

Which is why, this issue, one of our most important features is the presentation of 100 covers from you, fellow travellers, each documenting a striking moment on your own journeys across the globe. Thank you for responding so enthusiastically to our challenge and we do hope you enjoy your collectible cover. We also have 100 great travel ideas across India, drawn from our Easy Trips through the years. We’ve chosen the most unusual, the most tasty, the most inspiring of these to pique your interest, and to encourage you to rediscover our great subcontinent. You’ll find only the ideas in this issue; the digital compilation of the actual Easy Trips can be downloaded via a QR code in that section. We so enjoyed going back across the archives to choose these India ideas that, in an accompanying fit of nostalgia, we also brought together Team LPMI members, past and current, to share their best trips with the magazine.

Significantly, and fittingly, this is also the issue in which we unveil the winners of the Lonely Planet Magazine India Travel Awards 2018. Thank you to our esteemed travel experts (read more about them in our special awards section) for helping with the nominations, and to you, for helping us choose the winners. These are the destinations you love, the places that offer the experiences that remain with you, the getaways you want to get to… and we’re happy to offer you the platform on which to celebrate them.

Here’s to greater discoveries of the world for all of us.