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Postcards from our June 2018 issue

THE BIG SUR, THE USA: California gleaming : Photography has been a hobby of mine for years, mostly because it gives me an excellent excuse to travel the country, which is what brought me to this spot. I drive this part of the Pacific Coast Highway in California quite often. It’s one of my favourite stretches of road in the world. This time I was at the tail-end of a seven-month road trip around the US, on my way to Seattle from LA. To me, there is a beauty in the Pacific unmatched anywhere, with the ocean leaving the coastline and reaching out into its incomprehensible vastness. That evening, the clouds had opened up to the west, giving way to the golden sunset light.
Photographer: Reader Peter Scheu

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CHENNAI, INDIA: For the love of gods: I was in Chennai for work, and one Sunday went to explore the city. What fascinated me most about this temple, as I passed by on a bus, was the amazing colour and the numerous figures on the spires. I got off the bus to take a closer look and discovered it was Kapaleeshwarar Temple, one of the most famous in Chennai. The adjacent roads were full of shops selling flowers for worship. What interests me even now is that Hindu mythology tells of about 330 million gods. Quite a few of them are present on the spires of this temple alone!
Photographer: Reader Ayon Mandal
DAWKI, MEGHALAYA: Emrald Isle: Known for its crystal-clear water, the Umngot River is located in Shnongpdeng Village, near Dawki in Meghalaya. The best time to visit this river is when the sun is directly overhead, as light penetrates the surface and illuminates the riverbed, allowing you to appreciate and capture its beauty. It’s easily one of the most stunning sights the Northeast has to offer. The ideal time to visit is from December to April, so plan your trip accordingly.
Photographer: Reader Adwait Vinay Jadhav
KARNATAKA, INDIA: Wing King: This photo was taken at the Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary. It’s famous for boat tours on rivers teeming with crocodiles, past islands inhabited by pelicans. From the start of my trip, I was searching for kingfishers. I saw a few pied kingfishers, but nowhere could I find the white-throated birds. We were about to leave the sanctuary, when I spotted this guy siting on a branch. I was careful not to be noisy, but as soon as I took two shots, he flew off!
Photographer: Reader Kajin K