From our Editor: I could travel for no reason at all…


Show me a great airfare, an interesting itinerary, even an intriguing photograph of you enjoying something out of the city, and an idea will start writing itself into the ever-growing bucket list in my head. We travel, after all, seeking something. I, for one, would never go to a place where the food scene was not enticing, and, admittedly, once I get there, I eat much more than the local food; I’ll try every international cuisine on offer. Others I know scour the world for the most interesting opportunities to challenge themselves, and still others will go just for brilliant architecture.

Luckily, our planet is that wonderful organism that is constantly evolving, perpetually adding more to its allure in the form of new possibilities. Our 50 reasons to travel span so many ideas. You could travel to stay in a ‘tentsile’ in Finland or a Sami lavvu in Norway, to follow ‘Charles Dickens’ on a boozy but literary pub crawl through London, to go to the source of Jaffa oranges in Tel Aviv. There’s even a quest (perfectly replicable) for the perfect Scotch egg, a leisurely exploration of Arizona (so much beyond the magnificent Grand Canyon) and a slew of incentives to visit Santiago. Each reason will intrigue you, and, even if you don’t pack for that exact one, we know it will open your mind up to the other endless travel temptations our world offers.This is also the issue we feature the definitive Lonely Planet Best in Europe list, bringing you under-the-radar destinations deserving of your attention this year. We predict your list of reasons will go up to 60!

Happy planning, and happy travels.