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From our Editor: I’m a (travel) stalker…

Photographer: Vinobha Nathan


There, I’ve said it. In Singapore and London, I’ve followed locals to my lunch. And my dinner. For me, one of the ways of finding the ‘hidden’ is by lurking at corners and watching where residents eat, drink, shop… Then, it’s worth a half-hour of wild gesticulation with someone who might speak only the local language (duh!) to get honest-to-goodness local food/ drink/ anything-else-you-can-name at great prices.

You could, of course, just ask a local for recommendations, but what’s the fun in that?

‘Hidden’ is perfectly in keeping with Lonely Planet Magazine India’s motto of going ‘one street over’ in any destination. We love telling you locals’ secrets – eateries, shops and pubs you would perhaps not find otherwise; even little cultural spots that are nowhere on the tourist map. Which means that every place you travel to has unlimited potential to offer you little-known treasures.

Two of the features in this Hidden Europe special fall so far into that category that they’re almost unknown. Who knew of Muhu, a little speck of island off the Estonian mainland? Not me, I’ll admit. And North Zealand, a region of Denmark that’s crammed with good food and great produce? Another revelation to many of us in Team LPMI. Then, there are 10 European cities that don’t get the interest they deserve, and a sail to three Greek islands in the Northeast Aegean that will reward you with hidden villages, untouched beaches, olives and honey, and perhaps even the secret to a long life…

And, here in India, we reveal more of the hidden – in Bhubaneswar, Odisha, where little-known sweets, saris and tantric goddesses await.

Europe, India, up one street and down the next; sit down and plan to find the unknown today…