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From our Editor: Right now: where’s your passport?

Photographer: Justin Foulkes


We’ve learned as travellers to seize the opportunity of a day somewhere close to the weekend to sally out on a last-minute trip, to brave the boss and ask for a day’s leave here and there, to justify to ourselves why this chance must not be missed.

All because the world is out there waiting to be explored. How great is it, then, that the Indian passport now works in favour of these forays! There are countries out there ready to welcome us with e-visas, visas on arrival, or no visas at all. Last issue, Aurelia and Krishna drove into Bhutan from Bagdogra in West Bengal, receiving their entry permits in Phuentsholing. This issue, we have features on Jordan and Central Thailand, both countries that offer Indians a visa on arrival, while Armenia, beautiful Armenia with its Noah’s Ark associations, will take you on board with just about three days’ notice. At a week’s notice, the winter in South Korea awaits you; Amrita still can’t stop raving about her visit, blood on the snow and all, and Aurelia’s up-close-and-personal immersion into the dance form and town of Kuchipudi needs no visa at all.

We’re still waiting to hear from you about our new formats for Explore and Journal sections, but don’t let writing in to us get in the way of planning that next quick trip. Incidentally, from now to New Year’s is also when you’ll find some great airfares for summer 2019; who says travel can’t be both about the last-minute and the well-planned-out trip?