From Our Editor: We want to put ideas in your head!

Northern Lights, Scotland
Photographer: Daniel Alford


We want to put ideas in your head!

Travel ideas. We want to give you ideas that you file away in your head, in your heart, and on your bookshelf. We want to give you features that make you call up a friend and set the wheels of travel in motion, and features that make you sink back in your chair and dream.

We want you to explore every day.

The world is a massive place, full of wonderful possibilities that can be bewildering in their variety, especially in our current scenario where every rupee counts against the strong dollar. Which is where the Best in Travel 2019 list comes in. Lonely Planet’s staff, writers and online community have come together to reveal a year’s worth of travel inspiration, giving you the countries, cities and regions that deserve your attention in the next 12 months. There are destinations like Sri Lanka that are coming into their own after years of strife, and cities like Copenhagen in Denmark that are now hotspots for those who seek out good food. We’ve pulled Scotland’s islands and highlands together for easier exploration with the North Coast 500, and you’ll love our great-value picks. A grand total of 45 destinations vies for your attention, and there are more temptations in our Explore and Journal sections to add colour and (happy) confusion to your life.

Need more on your plate? Our bonus feature on exploring Nagaland one plate at a time will make you hungry for more…

And that’s how we like to leave you…