From Our Editor: 2019 is Ripe with Possibilities

Photographer: Philip Lee Harvey


The new year brings with it the prospect of life-changing travel, of journeying out into the unknown, of rediscovering places that you thought you knew well.

If you’re like me, you’ve already looked at which weekends can be extended with a judicious day off here, an optional leave taken there; or even which destinations offer shoulder season bargains. If you’re like me, you have a diary just for travel, full of notes to inspire you.

Let us add Lonely Planet’s ultimate bucket list experiences to it: to see the red leaves in Chilean Patagonia (like on our cover), or to go full castaway on the Cook Islands. You’re sure to be envious of and inspired by Amrita’s trip-of-a-lifetime in South Africa, in which she floated high over Drakensberg in a hot-air balloon, and got almost down to earth with a hyena outside her lodge. Amit set off across Karnataka from Bangalore to Maravanthe on a road trip: because travel needn’t always be a big song and dance; sometimes it can be about first-time treks and gentle people met on the way. Which is also what our feature on Corsica is about: an easy exploration of often-ignored areas where you can experience how life is lived to a gentler rhythm.

The world, happily, comes to us as many places at many paces…