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From our Editor: We love our passports!

Photographer: Justin Foulkes


Putting together this issue has made us happy. As we went through visa requirements for travelling to different countries, we realised that more countries than ever before are making it easier for Indians to visit them. Visas on arrival, e-visa options or even visa-free arrivals will, happily, make it difficult for Indian travellers to shortlist destinations when the craving for a last-minute summer break hits.

Let us add to the tumult. Keeping with the number 10 to mark our 10th anniversary year, we’ve got 10 great easy-visa destinations to inspire you. Keep in mind, too, how a single Schengen visa can open the doors to so many European countries, and how a US, UK or Schengen visa will allow you e-visa entry into others, like Turkey.

More decision making about where you want to spend your summer comes your way in our Features section. May we tempt you with Slovenia? You still have enough time to plot a wonderful vacay with our feature this issue. There’s also Bali and Lombok, with suggestions to explore aspects of Indonesia not usually visited. Right here in India – no visa needed! – Manipur awaits, with great value, interesting food, floating islands and black clay pottery. And, of course, if you can’t manage a big break away, we have easy temptations on our Weekend Planner pages.

And, since it must be said, as more countries welcome us worldwide, let’s all pledge to be better, more conscientious travellers, as Indian voyagers and as global citizens. You know what I mean.