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From our Editor: The outdoors is for everyone…

Kite Surfing
Photographer: Courtesy Jehan Driver

The outdoors is for everyone…

Not just the fit and fast, who seem to cover its expanses in long strides, pay homage to its heights with grappling hooks and belay lines, or sink into its depths with oxygen cylinders and flippers. Mother Nature also lays out her treasures for those who stand and stare, who appreciate the fruits of foraging a picnic in a wild meadow, who sail her waterways. As long as we learn to leave no trace, as long as we pick up after ourselves and don’t crush the coral, there are so many ways we can immerse ourselves in the wonders of the great outdoors.

In a smorgasbord of outdoorsy pursuits this issue, our features range from an easy exploration of the canals in France to a roster of 10 actually-active adventures across India. There’s wild Patagonia to be marvelled at, and a chance to walk in the footsteps of emperors across Japan’s Kii Peninsula. Looking to contract some cabin fever? Our list will leave you spoilt for choice. We also have fashion designer and travel influencer Kresha Bajaj’s Raja Ampat diving trip laid out to inspire you.

There’s more, always more. Across the issue, let The Great Outdoors burst alert you to more ideas to trigger off your next adventure, and, of course, if you’re a Bear Grylls fan, you’re in for a treat. Our mother magazine, the UK edition of Lonely Planet magazine, is celebrating its 10th year too, and, for its closing issue, has Bear Grylls as guest editor – how cool is that! We’re privileged to bring you two stories by Bear – a Q&A in the Journal section, and a feature on his life of adventure. Enjoy!

– Primrose Monteiro-D’Souza